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Fascinating Health Secrets cover


Fascinating Health Secrets

Intriguing tips on medicine, beauty, health, sleep, nutrition, weight loss, longevity, exercise, brainpower, sexual attraction, and sex
by Kevin Pezzi, M.D.



A health book that's packed with information yet is actually enjoyable to read — sound impossible?  It's not!  Here is what some reviewers and readers said about Fascinating Health Secrets:

Alan Jakeway, Northern Express:  "You've got to hand it to Dr. Pezzi — he knows how to craft a health book that's as gripping as a ride through a big city ER.  While many health books are as dry and dull as a surgeon's medical transcript, Dr. Pezzi brings a good bedside manner to his book, blending humor, first-person insights and a folksy wisdom with cutting edge medicine.  Fascinating Health Secrets is a 'good read' page-turner that will keep your attention at the beach as well as any summer novel.  Dr. Pezzi's encyclopedic scope is aided by equal measures of humor and intelligence."

David Hacker, Prime Time News & Observer:  "There's an odd fascination with the way Pezzi's mind works.  He is a scholar, bright (possibly brilliant), and single-minded.  There's plenty of useful information . . . some interesting tidbits . . . life-saving tips . . . and amusing historic trivia.  For the most part, you can take this book seriously.  At the same time, you can have fun with its folksy, whimsical and chatty style."

Registered Nurse, Flint, MI:  "Wow!  What a book!  How much does it cost?  No, I don't care how much — I've got to have that book!"

Information Technology worker for the Air Force Space Based Laser program, Los Angeles, CA:  "I'm speechless.  Well, as speechless as I get. ;-)  Fascinating Health Secrets is simply a fantastic book.  I can't begin to tell you what a pleasure it is to read — my brain gets such a great workout it feels like drinking 5 cups of coffee.  Rarely do I find something so mentally stimulating that I can actually feel my IQ rising as I read it.  Apart from the health tips themselves, there is so much killer material in the book.  From your forays into discussing medical insurance and healthcare, to the observation that it is exceptional individuals who drive society and technology forward, I found myself laughing out loud, and nodding in total agreement.  Please accept a virtual handshake and hearty slap on the back for such a wonderful piece of work."

Eye Doctor, Phoenix, AZ:  "It's fantastic — I couldn't put the book down!"

Reader, Florida:  "What an exciting book, I couldn't put it down for hours!  As a matter of fact I had it sitting on my station at work and my clients couldn't put it down.  They said, 'Where did you get this?  I have to have it!'"

Bookstore Owner, Gaylord, MI:  "I loved the book.  Before I read it, I thought it was going to be dry, but it wasn't."

Reader, Las Vegas, NV:  ". . . a refreshing change from the insipid writing in other health books.  Keep up the good work."

Paralegal, Lapeer, MI:  "This is really cool!  A neat book!"

Accountant, Grand Blanc, MI:  "My entire family has read your book, and they all want a copy for themselves — it's unique."

ABC News Reporter:  "Fantastic book!"

Retired Dentist, Albion, MI:  "That book by Dr. Pezzi is fabulous.  You would expect a man who is such an unusually bright person would be beyond the average person to understand.  He is so down-to-earth and practical, so sensible and honest.  I wish he was practicing here — I would go to him in a minute.  That's one book that won't be loaned to anyone."

Magazine Editor/Columnist, Dunlap, IL:  "I find it really enjoyable, an easy read with lots of interesting facts, opinions and fun stuff."

Airline Industry Analyst, Ft. Worth, TX:  "Most authors content themselves giving you the same old platitudes, apparently thinking that it's better to bore you than to risk offending a small segment of the population.  What I found most refreshing is that Dr. Pezzi has the guts to say what needs to be said."

Reader, Roscommon, MI:  "I am so glad you aspired to become a doctor.  I am even more thrilled that you decided to share some of your wisdom via a book.  Fascinating Health Secrets is incredibly interesting with many real-life applications.  Your book is an outstanding resource.  I am already looking forward to the next book.  You did an excellent job of pinning down and sorting out a wealth of information."

Reader, Age 68, Houghton Lake, MI:  "This is the first book in my life that I've read cover-to-cover."

Will Brink, Health & Fitness Author and Magazine Columnist:  "This is a really cool book full of all sorts of interesting information . . . full of facts and humor."

Reader, Aguanga, CA:  "Your penetrating insights and social commentary are as valuable as the astounding wealth of information you dispense.  Quote from local attorney, 'I like the way he writes, and I like him.'"

Marc Boucher, Riviere-du-loup, Quebec, Canada: "I'm nearly halfway through Fascinating Health Secrets, and God do I love it! I literally devour the info in it. This is exactly the kind of book I'd been looking for. On top of all the relevant and educational health info in it, you also include some nice case scenarios of ER patients you had to deal with over the years. I'm fond of your conversational writing style, which makes for very pleasant reading."

Reader, Michigan:  "Finally, a physician who is willing to open up and share information that might reduce our doctor's office visits. Dr. Pezzi's insight and research on a myriad of subjects including asthma, acne and amino acids have allowed me to better understand the nature of health maintenance. Anyone interested in becoming an informed health care consumer and promoting one's own good health, should read this book. A real rarity--health care info that's well written, entertaining and funny, too."

Reader, Chicago, IL:  "Some of the tips in this book are worth their weight in gold. For example, Dr. Pezzi presents a way to lose weight that is effective but requires no dieting, drugs, exercise, or surgery. Two of my friends tried his approach (middle of p. 42), and it works — and it's fun! All of the other authors are just espousing the same old tired advice. The author covers an amazing array of topics in this book, ranging from acne to novel ways of spicing up your love life. Pezzi writes in his usual entertaining style, giving the reader incredibly valuable advice that's a pleasure to read."

Mark via the Internet:  "Hi Dr. Pezzi.  I just began reading your book Fascinating Health Secrets, and am enjoying such a captivating read.  Having read several chapters I arrived at the conclusion that this book is evidence of an inventive mind that the world of medicine is fortunate to have."

And from a reader in Bellevue, WA:  "Loved your book!"

Trivia questionWhich celebrity owns two copies of Fascinating Health Secrets The answer is . . .

Author biography


Order the book


In Fascinating Health Secrets, you will learn . . .

  • what cellulite really is, and how it can be eliminated
  • how a woman's breast size can be increased—without implants!
  • how skin wrinkling can actually be reversed, reducing apparent age
  • spot reduction techniques that work
  • how to turn off the enzyme that makes you fat
  • a new procedure that shapes your body better than liposuction
  • a new technique of exercise that is easy to do, yet yields superior results
  • aphrodisiacs that work!
  • how to enhance sexual pleasure before and during orgasm
  • how to enhance sexual attraction
  • ways to enhance your creativity and boost your I.Q. (and test scores!)
  • how to improve your child's I.Q., before and after birth
  • a common spice that gives new meaning to the phrase "natural high"
  • how to protect yourself from AIDS and other infectious diseases—even if you are exposed!
  • tips that everyone with acne would love to know
  • what aspirin will do to anyone—even adults—with a viral illness
  • how to cure a sore throat—in hours!
  • it's possible to lose weight without dieting, exercise, surgery, or drugs!
Why my book is a must-readLet's take a closer look at that last item, since it seems to defy the common-sense notion that weight loss must involve dieting, exercise, surgery, or drugs.  A person could read every health book in their library and bookstore and still not learn this tip—but it's in my book on page 42.  It's not voodoo—it's the simple physics of evaporation.  Every other author and weight-loss "expert" has overlooked the utility of this technique.  Similarly, there are dozens of other unique tips throughout the book, ranging from reducing acne to preventing AIDS and other infectious diseases.

When I mentioned my achievements in my biography , I did so not to boast, but to underscore the fact that a physician with greater ability can be of greater service to you.  I am confident that my book presents useful information that you won't find elsewhere.  One reader commented, "Your book is amazing!  Even though I have been reading about health for the past 20 years, I have read many useful tips in Fascinating Health Secrets that I have never found in other books.  Your information and unique style of writing combine to form a book that is second to none."

Here are just some of the topics in this book:
Acne, aging, AIDS, allergies, Alzheimer's disease, aphrodisiacs, arthritis, asthma, bad breath, baldness, birth defects, blood clots, body odor, breast enlargement, burns, canker sores, cancer, cellulite, cholesterol, colds, colic, constipation, contraception, dandruff, depression, diabetes, diarrhea, dizziness, dreams, drugs, ear infections, eczema, epilepsy, estrogen, exercise, fat, fatigue, fever, fiber, food poisoning, frostbite, G-spot, gas, genital warts, germs, hair, hay fever, headache, healing, heart disease, heartburn, herpes, HIV, hormones, hyperactivity, hypertension, hypoglycemia, immunity, impotence, infections, insect bites, insomnia, intelligence, itching, kidney stones, learning, libido, malpractice, medical school, melatonin, memory, menopause, menstrual cramps, migraine, mood, morning sickness, multiple sclerosis, muscle, nails, NutraSweet, obesity, orgasm, osteoporosis, pain, Parkinson's disease, penis enlargement, pheromones, PMS, poison ivy, pregnancy, premature ejaculation, prostate enlargement, psoriasis, restless legs, scars, seizures, sex, shyness, SIDS, sinus problems, skin tips, sleep, smoking, snoring, sore throat, sprains, stress, stretch marks, stroke, stuttering, sunburn, surgery, sweating, testosterone, teeth, ulcers, vasectomy, warts, weight loss, weightlifting, whiplash, and wrinkles.

Why should you read this book?

Fascinating Health Secrets is not just another humdrum book on health. These books often bore the reader with stale facts that seem to be endlessly circulated from one book to another. Some of their facts are trite, and others are just insultingly obvious. Consider the following tips offered in competing health books, that are replete with pointless drivel such as:

w suggesting that adjustable chairs be adjusted
w instructing people to discard foods that have a strange color or odor
w informing the reader that unscented soaps have "little or no added fragrance"
w advising people to "always wear your seat belt when traveling by car"
w stating "don't drink and drive"
w instructing people troubled by gas to "eat fewer gas producing foods"
w warning shoppers to "always try shoes on before buying"
w telling people to "ask for smaller portions" of food if they are trying to lose weight
w cautioning folks to "eat meals slowly and chew your food thoroughly"
w recommending to "keep the floor free of oil and grease" to prevent accidents
w instructing people with pet allergies to keep their pet "outside the house as much as possible"
w advising people with acne to avoid oily cosmetics and to remove excess grease by washing thoroughly with soap and water

These "tips" are too basic to be of genuine use to an average reader. While they may be suitable for a child in elementary school, they are an affront to the intelligence and common sense of the intended adult audience. Functionally they are nothing more than filler, intended solely as a means of occupying the space between the front and back covers of the book. An analysis of the spectrum of information in each of these sources reveals that few authors have anything original to say. Their rehash of hackneyed facts often makes one wonder if these books have a legitimate raison d'Ítre.

While there are many books on health, Fascinating Health Secrets is truly in a class by itself. I've culled the best tips from thousands of books and articles, and added knowledge acquired through my medical education and experience as a physician, and incorporated it into this book. These tips are blended with insightful commentary. Buy Fascinating Health Secrets. You won't be disappointed!

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