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Pictures of Dr. Kevin Pezzi, MD

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At work in the ER.

Footage from a Channel-12 TV interview.  Here I am reading an x-ray and wondering how I could evade the questions that a reporter wished me to answer on-camera.  To make a long story short, she wanted my reaction to a bill passed earlier in the day by the Michigan Senate shielding ER doctors from malpractice except in cases of gross misconduct.  Although I had a definite opinion on this subject, I wished to dodge it because I had to think of an answer that was representative of my viewpoint, palatable to the viewing audience, and acceptable to the hospital bigwig who was in the ER and listening to every word that I and the ER Chairman (who was also interviewed) said.  The attractive reporter evidently had experience dealing with reticent interviewees like me, so she truncated my excuses by sticking a microphone in my face, telling me "Look into my eyes," after which the cameraman flicked on bright lights and I was being videotaped.  One of her questions was essentially, "So you've never been sued, but you have to think of this possibility all the time?" and I responded affirmatively (any doctor who doesn't is being too Pollyannaish).  Unfortunately, the bill wasn't enacted into law, and docs can still be sued even when they give perfect care, as I later found out.

Me at the time I entered medical school.

Med school ID picture.  Note the dazed look.

Kevin Pezzi, MD Me again.

Me soon after graduating from medical school Me soon after graduating from medical school.

Me snowmobiling in Michigan Me snowmobiling in Michigan.

On the back deck of my prior house On the back deck of my prior house.

Me at my birthday party After taking my neighbor's children out for a snowmobile ride, I returned to find that they'd thrown a surprise birthday party for me.  Graciously, they gave me only one candle to blow out.

After returning from a bad blind date.

If I look tired in this picture, it's because I am.  I didn't sleep well last night because I had a nightmare about Bill Gates.  Usually, ol' Bill just gives me nightmares during the day . . . but now nightmares of buggy Microsoft software even at night?  Aaaahhhhhhhh!  In any case, in this picture I am standing by the side of my house.


Me; puffy hair day! :-)

With my brother Jeff on the deck of my old house.

Checking my mail.

In the kitchen of my old house.

Playing with our family cat at my Mom's home.

With my Mom and brothers on Jeff's wedding day.

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