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Spot reduction is another one of those "too good to be true" things that the so-called "experts" say is impossible.  For example, I heard Dr. Dean Edell discuss this on his radio show this morning.  In response to a caller asking whether spot reduction is possible, Dr. Edell replied ". . . you cannot spot reduce.  Because if you could here is something logical think about right-handed tennis players, and left-handed tennis players.  If there were such a thing as spot reduction, then a right-handed tennis player would have less fat on their right arm than their left arm, and they don't.  Exercising your legs and your thighs all these thigh scams you would have thinner thighs, no, of course not."

Dr. Edell is correct in saying that exercising an area of the body does not selectively increase fat loss in that area.  However, his logic is flawed in suggesting that all spot reduction is impossible just because one way to attempt it does not work.  Following Dr. Edell's logic, it should be impossible to fly in any way since it is impossible to fly by jumping off a cliff and flapping strap-on wings.  Just because early attempts are ludicrous failures does not mean that something is impossible. The world is full of things that once seemed like a pipe dream, but are now obviously possible.  It is possible to spot reduce using the methods presented in my book.

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