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  • One producer thought my ER stories would spawn a captivating show of unusual but real ER cases, but he was opposed to reenacting the stories.  Instead, he wanted me to carry a hidden camera as I worked in the ER.  Two problems with that proposal:  1) It took over a decade for me to acquire my collection of stories, and it would take another ten years to capture an equal number on videotape.  I'm only interested in stories that are unusual and pique people's curiosity because of some intriguing element to the case.  Run-of-the-mill ER cases bore me to death.  If you think they're interesting, you don't know what you're missing.  2) Most people would take a dim view of being secretly videotaped.  Some people might give their consent afterwards, but people involved in strange cases are very unlikely to permit airing of their videotape.  Consequently, I think the only realistic option is to reenact the cases using actors so that the patient's identity is kept secret.
  • A Discovery Channel producer who read my first book (Fascinating Health Secrets) told me, “Dr. Pezzi, there are thousands of books on health, but no one writes like you.” He thought my style made a normally dull subject very interesting, and one which would attract viewers who would not ordinarily watch a health show. He asked me to co-host a show (to be called Healthy Alternatives) along with a beautiful woman, who would pose questions as we were seated in a set made to look like an old-fashioned diner. That show never got off the ground because the producer's wife persuaded him to move to Hawaii, so he said he instead planned to do a travel show.
  • A radio producer wanted me to be the host of a radio show on health, but this guy was certifiably insane and anyone who chose to work with him would have to be nuts.  I passed, and I don't regret it.
  • Lisa Paul, a producer with the now-defunct television talk show The Gayle King Show read my first book (Fascinating Health Secrets) and liked it so much that she wanted me to appear on their show. After Lisa contacted me, I began watching that show. Every guest I saw was one of those ultra-beautiful Hollywood celebrities, obviously selected because of their looks, not because they had anything especially interesting to say. Thus, I wondered where I fit into this lineup of pulchritude. The answer? I didn't. After Lisa viewed a videotape of me on TV, she apparently concluded that I didn't meet their standards of beauty, because she never called me after that. (Since Gayle King is Oprah's best friend, I suppose this blows my chances of ever appearing on Oprah's show!) This fixation with appearance brings up a related topic (The Attractive Expert Syndrome) that I discussed on another web site.
  • In 2005, I received so many offers (Untold Stories of the ER, Discovery Health Channel's Dr. Know, Discovery Channel's Is Your House Out to Get You?, and even from a man behind one of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters of all time, who wanted to turn some of my ER stories into a movie or new TV series) that I couldn't keep up, primarily because my Mom died earlier in the year. That put me so far behind in my work that I could not respond as I normally would have.
  • In the summer of 2011, another producer/director asked me to appear in a film discussing some of my unusual ER cases; I agreed to do that only if he used his Hollywood connections to quickly help a deported person from my area reenter the U.S. (I am selling my Sea-doo, Ski-doo, and shed to help her).


  • A television production company from Great Britain contacted me toward the end of 2005 and asked me to be the co-host of a new series about sex. The British, Canadians, and others around the world typically possess a more intelligent and mature attitude about sex than Americans, many of whom are positively juvenile about this very basic aspect of life that is part of medicine. Adults in the U.S. are more likely to possess a bizarre dichotomy about sexual attitudes. On one hand, it is perfectly OK to have risqué T&A oozing out of every television program and commercial, movie, magazine ad, product packaging—you name it. Yes, it is completely acceptable to have sexually suggestive material fed to you 24/7/365, as long as your retina is focusing on images of hot young airbrushed strangers who model for corporations that hope to sell you something. But real sex with a real person is somehow so shameful that it can’t be discussed in public, or often even in private (as with a spouse or personal physician), without evoking uneasiness, apprehension, dread, and shame.

    Isn't this a strange inversion of acceptability? Cheap, inescapable, in-your-face sexuality is routinely exploited by companies that hope to profit from you, but real sex—the kind that makes babies, bonds men and women together, and makes life more enjoyable—eewww! Better talk about it in hushed tones behind closed doors, like the Communists used to do when discussing freedom in the USSR before it disintegrated, or skip that topic altogether, and discuss something more palatable, such as the latest chapter in the sex life of Paris Hilton. Nuts.

    If I recall correctly, the show would have been based in London, but moving to England or any big city was a deal-breaker for me, so I said no. Then they decided to fly to the United States and interview a few experts. Regrettably, I agreed to participate. With a limited time in my town until they departed on the next flight, they wasted hours fiddling with the lighting and the crap (their prop) on the back wall, leaving little time for me and my girlfriend: I finagled them so she could participate, lending her expertise as a psychologist. She was distracted by the overly bright video lights and I was almost paralyzed by them (my eyes are bothered by bright summer days, but this was like staring into laser beams, making me wonder if they had cheap video equipment that necessitated blindingly bright lights). Before the taping began, I signed a contract saying I'd be paid $1, “the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged.” They never paid me the buck and I thought it would be too petty to request it. In retrospect, that's probably the salary they would have paid me for being their host.
  • In the early '90s, Channel 12 (Flint, MI) interviewed me about pending Michigan legislation that would limit liability for ER doctors. I told the story behind the story on this page.

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